Time is money?

In this blog post, I explore the concept of “time is money.” What is the real value of time, the hidden cost of lifestyle inflation, the value of non-working hours, and the tradeoff between skills and self-sufficiency. I also delve into the potential cost of DIY disasters, the opportunity cost of spending money on outsourcing tasks, and the paradox of spending more time and money in an attempt to save time.

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Are you LinkedIn Typecast?

In this post I talk about building your brand around a niche topic and how it can lead to ‘digital typecasting’ – where online personas are often limited to a single theme or niche. By focusing intensely on a specific subject, individuals can boost their visibility and credibility in the digital space. This strategy can be a powerful tool for building an online brand and growing a loyal follower base. But what happens when this typecast becomes restrictive? I argue that is is more fulfilling to embrace the opportunity to present our multi-dimensional selves online.

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Letter to Me: Spending Money

This post explores the concept of mindful spending through a conversation between two personas of the same individual – Frugal Joel and Spendthrift Joel. It provides advice on making intentional purchases, considering the real value of items, and avoiding impulsive buying decisions. The post emphasizes the importance of planning and budgeting for purchases, suggesting a 30-day waiting period rule and the one-in, one-out decluttering method.

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The Downside of Nostalgia

This post explores the double-edged nature of nostalgia: it can evoke warm memories while potentially clouding our judgment and distorting critical thinking. This leads to elitism, reduced satisfaction in the present. I also discuss the phenomenon of second-hand nostalgia. Embrace new experiences and create fresh memories to balance nostalgia and novelty.

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In Defense of Boredom: A Busyness Addict Learns to Appreciate Calm

“In Defense of Boredom: A Busyness Addict Learns to Embrace Calm” explores the often overlooked benefits of boredom and the importance of embracing life’s quieter moments. The author shares their personal journey of learning to appreciate downtime during a vacation free from electronic distractions. By doing so, they discovered improved focus, creativity, and a deeper connection with both themselves and others. This post challenges the notion that constant stimulation is beneficial and encourages readers to find growth and inspiration through life’s pauses by engaging in activities without distractions, such as walking, driving, or exercising in silence.

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ChatGPT Made Me a Better Writer: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Generative AI

Generative AI is an emerging technology that can produce content that sounds remarkably human. While it can be impressive, it’s important to recognize that technology is not neutral and has both positive benefits and negative costs. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.’ Generative AI is no exception to this rule. However, my frequent interactions with AI chat have inspired me to reflect on the process of capturing thoughts and refining them. This experience has not only enriched my writing skills, but also allowed me to appreciate the unique human touch that distinguishes our creative output from that of machines.

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