Time is money?

In this blog post, I explore the concept of “time is money.” What is the real value of time, the hidden cost of lifestyle inflation, the value of non-working hours, and the tradeoff between skills and self-sufficiency. I also delve into the potential cost of DIY disasters, the opportunity cost of spending money on outsourcing tasks, and the paradox of spending more time and money in an attempt to save time.

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Letter to Me: Spending Money

This post explores the concept of mindful spending through a conversation between two personas of the same individual – Frugal Joel and Spendthrift Joel. It provides advice on making intentional purchases, considering the real value of items, and avoiding impulsive buying decisions. The post emphasizes the importance of planning and budgeting for purchases, suggesting a 30-day waiting period rule and the one-in, one-out decluttering method.

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