Be more productive

Over at CRM Audio, we launched a new podcast series with Matthew C. Anderson. Matthew is one of my colleagues and probably the most productive person I know. I am fascinated by finding ways to be more effective at what I do and take control over the things like e-mails and meetings that can sometimes […]

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Why I came back to Facebook

Last year I wrote a post entitled “Why I Left Facebook.” In the post I detailed my frustration with Facebook and my reason for getting off Facebook. I stayed away for six months, then I came back. The six month hiatus was good, and helped me break many of my bad Facebook habits. Always feeling […]

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How I Got Rid Of My File Cabinet

I hate my file cabinet. Some background: Traditionally, I have used my file cabinet to store tax records, medical records, and household manuals. The problem was it was really hard to keep organized, I could never find what I needed, and when I needed something, I usually was not at my house, so I would […]

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