Can we stop the toilet paper math?

If you have been shopping for toilet paper or paper towels lately, you have noticed that the rolls keep getting bigger.  I don’t know what the board that sets the standard measurements of toilet paper rolls is, but every package you see claims that the rolls it contains are four times bigger than standard rolls. […]

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Attn: PR People

When you write blog posts about technical topics, you will receive a bunch of emails from PR people who want you to cover their clients’ products and services. However, most of these don’t usually pertain to the topics that I blog about. This post is free advice to any eager PR folks out there–target your […]

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Monopoly: You’re Doing It Wrong

Over the past few weeks my social feed has been full of people trashing my favorite board game, Monopoly.  Articles like this have misrepresented the findings of a poll from The articles focuses on Monopoly having a rating 4.5 in the boargamegeek rankings, but on boardgamegeek there are multiple editions of Monopoly ranked, some  […]

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“Last Christmas” Flowchart

It seems like the holiday song that you cannot escape is “Last Christmas.” It plays in every restaurant, store, or waiting room that you go to after November. And it is a terrible song. Basically the same two sentences repeated over and over. It is so bad that there is no best version of the […]

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Farewell, Wired 2 Win Television

It was summer 2006. I was working in inside sales for Datastream Systems, which had recently been acquired by Infor. Infor was a company that grew from acquiring many legacy enterprise software companies, and their portfolio of companies included ERP systems like BPIX, MAPICS, BAAN, as well as production management systems, ingredient systems for food manufacturers, and all […]

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