Can we stop the toilet paper math?

If you have been shopping for toilet paper or paper towels lately, you have noticed that the rolls keep getting bigger. 

I don’t know what the board that sets the standard measurements of toilet paper rolls is, but every package you see claims that the rolls it contains are four times bigger than standard rolls.

So 6 rolls are the same as 24 standard rolls, and 12 rolls are the same as 48 standard rolls.

Here’s why this is bad.

Nobody sells standard rolls anymore–the jumbo rolls may be 4 times bigger than standard rolls, but if all rolls sold in most stores are jumbo rolls, isn’t the four times bigger roll now the standard?

And consider if you have an average size two-story house with 2.5 bathrooms. My wife distributes the extra toilet paper in each bathroom (so as not to be caught unprepared when the current role runs out).

If you buy the 6 pack of jumbo rolls, that only gives you two rolls per bathroom. Whereas when you had "standard" sized rolls, you would have 8 rolls per bathroom.

So when the current roll runs out, you replace it with the second roll–you now have no extra rolls in the bathroom. So you now feel like you need to purchase more so as to not run out (since you are on the last roll).

This is why I firmly believe that the 4X jumbo rolls are a conspiracy to get people to purchase toilet paper more frequently.

I think we should have a choice–you want super jumbo rolls, you should be able to buy jumbo rolls. But if you want standard size rolls so you have a greater number of rolls, you should also have that option.

Let’s flush the toilet paper math!

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