I want to go to the zoo

One thing I was not prepared for as a dad was the feelings that come as your kids grow up, and you miss the things you used to do with them when they were younger.

When your kids are young, it seems like your life is consumed by things like watching animated tv shows and going to the zoo. and while you might not be a big fan of the zoo, the time you spend with them and the joy you see on their faces gives you joy.

Then a funny thing happens–they start growing up. They get their own hobbies, interests, and responsibilities. They stop liking to go to the zoo because that is “kid stuff.”

And you never know it is the “last time” until after it happens–you don’t intentionally stop going to the zoo, other things just take their place. 

And those things are great and bring with them a new set of memories. You get to interact with your kids as young adults, which is the part of the goal of parenting.

But part of you misses the things you used to do with them.

Maybe autumn is making me sentimental, but today I want to go to the zoo.

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