“Last Christmas” Flowchart

It seems like the holiday song that you cannot escape is “Last Christmas.” It plays in every restaurant, store, or waiting room that you go to after November.

And it is a terrible song. Basically the same two sentences repeated over and over. It is so bad that there is no best version of the song. Only varying degrees of worse.

Despite being so terrible, it apparently is very popular. According to my search on Xbox Music, there are over 700 different recordings of the song.

So I thought I would take a closer look and see if there is a deeper meaning that I am missing. So I made a flow chart.

Last christmas

The song identifies four parties: I/me, You, Someone Special, and an indirectly referenced mystery person. Upon reviewing the flow chart, some immediate questions come to mind:

  1. Every year I hear the song sung by someone different. Does this mean that the person singing the song this year is the ‘somebody special” referenced by last year’s singer?
  2. If the person that the singer gave his/her heart to gave it away THE VERY NEXT DAY, how did he/she get the heart back to give to somebody special this year? Did he offer some kind of exchange to the mystery person to get his heart back?
  3. Why does the singer sing “somebody special” in such a creepy voice?

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